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R-MOTI : India's Leading Fully Advanced Ayurveda Skin Clinic

R-Moti is a brand that exudes, resplendent and opulent essence, of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, considered as the oldest codified medical knowledge, elucidates a way of life focusing on the balance between mind, body and soul, where true beauty comes from within.

R-Moti uses authentic, intricately balanced, ayurvedic formulations without any harmful chemicals. Our ingredients are hand-picked, ethically sourced and are of highest quality.

R-Moti is founded by Dr. Ankit Pandey, a young and highly qualified professional who is determined to bring back the glory of Ayurveda, the worlds oldest scientific medicine system. He wishes to give Indians the therapy that is their very own.

Being a doctor he gets first hand feedback from the users of our products and puts it into refining the products in collabration with our extensive research and development team.

On the entrepreneurial front Rmoti has achieved great feats and is all set to make a mark in Indian markets as well as abroad. Our unique product range and high efficacy rates makes us a fast growing company in our segment. Adhering to the Make in India and Vocal for local programs our company is moving at a fast pace in local and foreign markets.

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