Ayurvedic Skin-Care in Winters

Ayurvedic Skin-Care in Winters

In India, winter is the time of dryness and chill in the atmosphere, which is also called the “Vata Season” starting from November to February. With this season setting in, dry and chapped skin seems to be the norm for almost each one of us. Thus, this is an indication to be careful in maintaining one’s Vata in balance and to avoid aggravation of kapha. Ayurveda says while planning to keep Vata balanced in our body, we must consider characters such as moisturizing, warming and calming of skin in our day to day routine.

According to Ayurveda, winter is the crucial time to pay close attention to our skin as the skin is drier during this time, thus resulting in a readily intake of all the nourishment provided to it. However, along with paying attention to our skin on its outside, it is also essential to emphasis on internal self-care for overall healthy and glowing skin.

Let us discuss easy skin care measures you can try at home. Ayurveda is supposed to be one of the oldest practices of medicines running through ages. When there were no cosmetics, creams, shampoos, etc., people trusted on Ayurveda for their skin and body care. But with the growing chemical contents in everyday cosmetics, Ayurveda seems to be the one principal solution to the winter skin care concerns. 

Following are some of the easy skin care tips and tricks to follow for the on setting winter.

1. Food Habits

What you eat is the most important part during the winter season in specific. Ayurveda itself promotes healthy eating and suggests that certain foods are capable of therapeutic possessions which can help provide nutrition to our skin resulting in healthy glowing skin throughout the winters. This winter try experimenting with foods that are rich in fats such as milk products, nuts, pulses, olives, etc.


2. Ayurveda for Face Care

There are several Ayurvedic face packs available on open sources if you are looking for some sure shot solutions to healthy skin. Applying face packs consisting of natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Amla, Yashtimadhu, Anantamool, Rose petal, Nagarmotha, etc. can act miracles for you. All the mentioned herbs are medicinal and help in rejuvenating the lost moisture of your skin during the winter. You can try these effective Ayurvedic products for your face which can prove of great help this winter – Night Cream, Face Serum and Saffron Serum.

Ayurvedic Skin-Care Products

3. Ayurvedic Massage

Winter is the time when Ayurvedic massages can be of great help. Ayurvedic massages can be done for the entire body, feet, face or even your hair. Thus, such massages result in replenishing your muscles and joints to a great extent, which has a direct link to your appearance resulting in a glowing healthy skin. Ayurveda is entirely dependent on natural oils and herbs for providing overall healing to the body, a periodic body massage should be on your routine planned for the coming season. Some effective oils for you to try this winter are AZDK SEED OIL, PSORIA Oil, GDK+ Oil, MARCH ANTIFUNGAL Oil, etc. These oils if used effectively are ought to provide you with a new rejuvenated self.

4. Vitamin D

You must be aware that Vitamin D plays a big role in making your joints strong, but what you did not know was it also acts as a catalyst for providing a glowing skin. Yes, we are aware that winters come with a low intensity sunlight, but we have a solution for you in the form of an Ayurveda routine. All you have to do is improve the intake of Vitamin D enriched food products such as soy products, eggs, fish such as salmon, milk products, tomato, yogurt, etc. Another way to intake Vitamin D is usage of face masks with ingredients such as tomato and yogurt.

5. Coconut Oil & Ghee

As we mentioned earlier, Ayurveda  believes in maintaining Vata balance of your body which is responsible for complete healthy working of the human mind, body and skin. Now we know, with winter coming, also comes the imbalances in the body which can be effectively dealt with Ayurvedic therapies. Coconut oil and ghee can be of immense help in maintaining the Vata balances as both of them get easily absorbed by the skin thus helping prevent skin blemishes and dry skin.

These are some of the most effective Ayurveda remedies to cater with skin care and overall body care during the winter season. What we need to understand is along with the outside care, inside care is also a must practice. With these natural and chemical free remedies, you are now ready to face the harshness of the winter with no worries of the side effects as well. So you should, without any further ado, begin your Ayurveda based skin care routine.

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