Ayurveda & Night-time Skin Care

Ayurveda & Night-time Skin Care

According to Ayurveda a few minutes of care from your daily routine is all it takes to have a healthy and glowing skin at any age. However for better results one should ideally start a designated skincare cycle from the teen years and maintain it on a daily basis for effective results. Further, it is worth noting that a healthy balanced diet and a good digestion-absorption-assimilation cycle of your body is also an important part for having healthy skin.

According to Ayurveda, winter is the crucial time to pay close attention to our skin as the skin is drier during this time, thus resulting in a readily intake of all the nourishment provided to it. However, along with paying attention to our skin on its outside, it is also essential to emphasis on internal self-care for overall healthy and glowing skin.

Following is an Ayurveda based 3 step night time skin care routine for a healthy glowing skin. Ten minutes is all it takes every night to get the skin you have craved for always.


This step helps remove surface impurities, make-up and prepares it for nourishment. For your face and neck, this step stands a must practice step each night. In Ayurveda, choosing a non-soap cleanser suitable for your skin is very important. One must start with washing face with lukewarm water to open its pores, followed by applying the cleanser on face and neck in upward strokes. The final wash can be with cool water, however if you use make-up  cleansing two times is a must in the night time skin care routine. A cleanser can be homemade by using the following products according to skin types.

  1. For dry vata skin: Choose a cleanser that doesn’t remove natural oils   from your skin and contains ingredients such as oatmeal, almond, etc. 
  2. For sensitive skin: Choose a gentle herbal cleanser helpful for purifying skin without causing irritation containing sandalwood, oatmeal, milk and rose water.
  3. For oily skin: Choose products containing herbs such as lavender, lemon, neem and tulsi. 


This also stands as an important step in the night time skin care routine as it helps remove any existing impurities or greasy residues and thus helps balance the pH of our skin. 

Toning helps close skin pores and stimulates circulation further preparing skin to absorb nutrition from the final step of moisturization. What is important is choosing a good toner according to your skin type preferably those without alcohol, colors and artificial fragrances. Ayurveda promotes usage of rose, sandalwood and cucumber for Vata, Pitta and Kapha skin respectively. Now, if your toner consists of a spritzer, you must close your eyes and gently spray it on your face and neck followed by dabbing your face and neck with cotton balls with upward strokes.



May it be any skin type, all of them need moisturizer to seal skin moisture and thus help keep soft and supple skin. Skin-friendly herbs and essential oils also help enrich skin and improve its immunity.  Some natural Ayurveda moisturizers consist of herbal ingredients along with essential oils making it oil based with richer oils for dry skin types and light oils for oily skin. 

Ayurveda products such as gotu kola, shatavari, turmeric, sandalwood, brahmi, amalaki, tulsi and neem are examples for nourishing skin. After toning, moisturizing is followed with a massage by 3-4 drops of moisturizer with upward strokes.  

Saffron Serum

Extra care:

For the Kapha skin, exfoliation of skin once a week and for Vata and Pitta once every other week helps you with the extra glow on your skin.

You can also try out the very effective and reliable Ayurveda products such as Rejuvenating Night Cream, Face Serum, Saffron Serum , etc for better results.

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